Surge in Demand Causing Long Delays in GP out of Hours Services

This week has seen unprecedented demand for GP out of hours services.

In North Dublin there has been a 40% increase in calls to the service when compared with the same period last year.

GPs are reporting increase in demand throughout this week in their daytime surgeries.

The Urgent GP out of hours services is an appointment-based services and while extra GPs are in place to meet “expected” increase in demand the current level of calls is unprecedented.

The HSE have advised patient to book with their own GP surgeries for routine matters as most GP surgeries will be closed on the 23rd of December, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, St Stephens Day, and New Year’s Day. The HSE are advising people to stock up their home medicine cabinet essentials at the local pharmacy: painkillers – including painkillers for kids, indigestion reWe’re here to give you practical advice on how to mind yourself or your family when you’re sickmedies, cough and cold medicines, plasters bandages antiseptic creams, contraceptives. Etc.

The HSE are also pointing people to their “under the weather” website which has practical advice on a range of common illnesses like colds, flu, ear aches, sore throats and tummy bugs. The information is provided for adults and children and tells you how long an illness should last, what to expect, and what you can do to cope with, and recover from, these illnesses. The site includes a series of videos featuring GP and pharmacists who offer their expertise in dealing with these common illnesses, practical remedies, and advice on when to seek help from either a pharmacist or doctor.

They have also set up a webpage on “stay well this winter”  which points to the services available, highlighting Out of ours  Out of hours, Injury units and their Under the Weather site.

If you are in need of urgent GP out of hours care in North Dublin call 1850224477  but remember, the service is getting unprecedented  demand.

Northdoc 20 December 2017