Welcome to Northdoc

At Northdoc we understand the difficulty of balancing your life with running your practice. The demands on your time have increased and the business of running a practice has become more difficult.

As a co-operative of north Dublin general practitioners, D-Doc can share some of this burden with you and provide the highest quality out of hours care for your patients.

The service commenced on the 28th November 2006 and is now a normal part of the North Dublin GP service. The participation of local GPs is the basis for the quality of the service experienced by the patient. This is complimented by the excellent team of independent locums who all have a minimum of three years General Practice experience and often much more.

We pride ourselves on the excellent service we provide, both to the community through the provision of high quality healthcare; and to our doctors, as a well-run, highly organised, supportive out of hours GP provider.

Our service is dependent on the participation of local GPs. The principal of local GP involvement is the cornerstone of our service. As a local GP, I can really recommend participation in our co-operative where you can join us in providing the best out of hours service to both patients GPs that is possible.

What you get while working in D Doc

  • A supportive team of GPs
  • Clinical update courses
  • You can choose your own hours to suit your lifestyle
  • Fully Internet based roster and shift booking system
  • Fully supported by a 24/7 administration team
  • Excellent rates
  • Fully equipped and staffed clinics
  • Your patients fully triaged using internationally recognised and validated methods

If you are a participating GP please click here to log in to our members area. If you are not a participating GP but would like to join us please see our working for us section.

If you are looking to go to our roster website please click here and log in.

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