Medical Students

Medical students who wish to learn about GP OOHs in D-Doc are welcome. Their first point of access to D-Doc is through a GP member who agrees to let them sit in on their D-Doc shift. Our NorthDoc administration office cannot arrange this.

Once they are paired with a GP member, the following courtesy driven protocol applies.

  • The medical student needs to turn up at the same time as the GP member.
  • The medical student makes a point of introducing themselves to the receptionist, treatment centre nurse and security personnel.
  • The receptionist will ask each patient on their arrival for their consent to having a medical student sit in on their consultation.
  • The treatment centre nurse should ask the patient a second time to check they haven’t changed their minds, having had some time to think about it.
  • If the patient withholds consent at any time, the medical student should step out. This is an opportunity to talk with other staff present.
  • The medical student should attend the entire shift.