HSE appealing to the public to help protect our hospitals and Emergency Departments over St Patrick’s Day and the bank holiday weekend

Number of patients with COVID-19 in our hospitals is increasing

–          As of today there are 1047 patients with COVID being treated in hospitals the highest number since 10th January 2022, when it was 1063.

St Patrick’s Day has always been a very busy day for Emergency Departments and given that this year we will have 2 bank holidays and a weekend together, the HSE is appealing to the public to consider all care options before attending our Emergency Departments, saving their use for those patients who need urgent and emergency care. for more Click here

More Infectious form of Omicron now Dominant as St Patrick’s Day Festival Begins (Irish Independent)

People enjoying the St Patrick’s Day festivities over the coming days are facing the risk of a more infectious form of the Omicron variant now dominant in Ireland, it emerged yesterday.

It is present in nine out of 10 cases of the virus as the four-day celebrations – dubbed a “double weekend” by the HSE – kick off today. Click Here for more

Philip Nolan plays down Covid rise which may be part of ‘exit wave’

More than 4,000 healthcare workers off due to Covid amid unprecedented hospital demand – Irish Times – for more Click here

New Freephone Number for Digital Covid Certificate inquiries added

Due to high demand on the existing Digital COVID Certificate freephone number, the government has created a second freephone number that will cater for a very significantly higher number of calls

For queries in relation to your Digital COVID Certificate, please call 1800 807 008

When calling from abroad, please dial +353 76 888 5513

The EU Digital COVID Certificate (DCC) is proof (in digital or paper format) that you have either:

  • been vaccinated against COVID-19 or
  • received a negative COVID-19 test result or
  • recovered from COVID-19 in the last 6 months

For More information click here

How to Register for Covid Vaccine

The HSE website has everything you might need to know about the Covid Vaccine, from How to Register (with an online guide), Progress updates, and details on the Immunity, Safety and side affects of al the Vaccines in use here in Ireland. For More click here

The Covid 19 Vaccine is Here

“COVID-19 is a highly infectious disease which can cause serious illness, hospitalisation and even death.

The COVID-19 vaccine will offer you protection from COVID-19. If you do catch COVID-19 after vaccination, you should be protected from the serious illness the virus can sometimes cause.

The vaccine is not mandatory. But we strongly recommend that you get the vaccine as soon as it is available to you.

People who are most at risk from COVID-19 will get the vaccine first.

The COVID-19 vaccine is free. The vaccines will not be available privately.

Our aim in offering the vaccine to the population is to protect people and reduce the illness and deaths caused by this virus” -.HSE For more information click here

New year opens with 50 Cases in ICU, 508 Cases in Hospital as positivity rate hits 16%

Information on Covid 19 in Ireland for up to date information see HERE

Latest daily cases 175

Close contacts of Confirmed cases do not automatically get a test

“We are not referring close contacts for testing at the moment. We are prioritising people with symptoms.” – HSE

We are at full capacity for COVID-19 tests and need to prioritise people who have symptoms. Close contacts will not be tested during this time. If you are a close contact you need to restrict your movements (stay at home), even if you feel well. If you develop symptoms of COVID-19 self-isolate (stay in your room) and phone your GP for further advice.

You can get a free test for COVID-19 (coronavirus) if you have symptoms of COVID-19 and your GP thinks you need to be tested.

HSE Advice On Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

The HSE website has information for people traveling into Ireland and useful information on Symptoms, what to do if you are concerned, and who to contact. click here for more information.

Demand for GP Out of Hours peaks early this year.

Demand for GP Out of Hours peaks early this year.

Current demand for the D Doc GP out of hours service has reached peak winter levels in the first weekend of December. This usually happens over the Christmas and New Year holiday period. Dr Mel Bated, Medical Director of D Doc said “Patients should first seek an appointment with thier daytime GP, the D Doc out of hours service is for urgent care, especially for the elderly and the very young at this time of year.

“Patients are advised to consider self-care and first check out the very useful website under the www.undertheweather.ie and www.mychild.ie  , especially with winter illnesses such as coughs, colds, Earaches, flu, Rash, Temperature, sore throats and Tummy upset.

 please consider visiting the excellent advise websites My Child.ie and  UNDER THE WEATHER