Demand for GP Out of Hours peaks early this year.

Demand for GP Out of Hours peaks early this year.

Current demand for the D Doc GP out of hours service has reached peak winter levels in the first weekend of December. This usually happens over the Christmas and New Year holiday period. Dr Mel Bated, Medical Director of D Doc said “Patients should first seek an appointment with thier daytime GP, the D Doc out of hours service is for urgent care, especially for the elderly and the very young at this time of year.

“Patients are advised to consider self-care and first check out the very useful website under the and  , especially with winter illnesses such as coughs, colds, Earaches, flu, Rash, Temperature, sore throats and Tummy upset.

 please consider visiting the excellent advise websites My and  UNDER THE WEATHER  

“If you have symptoms suggestive of measles you should stay at home” – HSE

The HSE have reported 7 cases of Measles in Dublin and Meath.

“If you have symptoms suggestive of measles you should stay at home”, not go to school or work and phone your GP or GP Out of Hours service and explain that you may have measles.

Anyone who develops measles symptoms should:

  • Stay at home and phone your GP or GP Urgent Out of Hours service
  • Tell the doctor or nurse that you think you might have measles
  • Stop visitors coming to the house to prevent spreading the infection

Prevent measles with the MMR vaccine:

  • All children should get MMR at 12 months of age and the second dose at 4-5 years of age.
  • If your child missed their scheduled MMR vaccine dose you should contact your GP to get the age-appropriate dose.
  • If you are an adult born since 1978 and have not received 2 doses of MMR you should contact your GP to get the MMR vaccine.

For full HSE press release click here.


Nearly half of all adults wrongly believe that antibiotics can kill viruses

Nearly half of all adults wrongly believe that antibiotics can kill viruses.

The 2017 Healthy Ireland Survey of 7,500 people has revealed that accurate understanding is lowest among those aged 75 and older.

  • 92% indicate that they are happy to trust their GP’s advice in relation to antibiotics.
  • 67% correctly disagree that antibiotics can work on most coughs and colds, however this declines to 61% of those aged 65 to 74 and 55% of those aged 75 and older.
  • 90% are aware that if taken too frequently, antibiotics may not work in the future.
  • 95% correctly agree that a course of antibiotics should always be completed, and

85% correctly disagree that once you start to feel better you should stop taking the antibiotic.

Of the total survey of 39% were prescribed antibiotics in the last year, 33% were men and 44% for women. Medical card holders were more likely to be prescribed antibiotics (46%) while non-medical card holders were 33%.

To link to the Healthy Ireland survey 2017 click here.

To see the HSE video and advice on antibiotics click here


New Northdoc website supports GP in Out of Hours setting

The new Northdoc website is designed to provide support for GPs in the D Doc Out of Hours setting.

The information is as simple as “Things to remember on your D Doc” shift to guidelines on more complex areas such as Mental Health issues, drug seeking behaviour, paediatrics and Anti-biotic prescribing. There is a section on Special Patient Groups such as the Traveling Community,, Victims of assault, child abuse, pregnancy related issues, unaccompanied children and much more.

The site provides a handy A to Z of its content and a search option by subject.

Links to useful GP sites, poisons information, Medical council, ICGP, Statutory forms (Mental Health). HSE, MIMS, Univadis, Dermet, and GP notebook.

There are useful section in “Avoiding complaints”, “Informational outcomes” and a host of similar headings.

The site was designed for it to be easy to give on the job feedback to Northdoc via an on online feedback form that generates emails directly to the CEO and Medical Director. There is also easy access to the Northdoc roster website.

There is a public version of the site as well which gives basic information about the service but does not allow access to the GP area of the site.